YW Consultants was born out the need to serve both individuals as well as companies, corporations, firms, groups, both faith-based and non-faith based organizations. YW Consultants is also here to serve government agencies such as, Correctional Departments, both adult and juvenile. The idea is to bring a complete learning experience and tool chest to any space that wants to take what they do to that next level.

Lead by Yusef-Andre Wiley, a leader and visionary who was once at the bottom of the socio-economic food chain. Today, in less than five years built a successful non-profit organization, formed a successful LLC, he has helped the start-up of several other companies and non-profits including managing the Remy Ma Foundation where he is the managing director. Yusef Wiley is also an author and member of the John Maxwell Team, he is a Public Speaker, Personal Life Coach, Reentry Coach, Trainer and Mentor. Now, as a brand Yusef Wiley embodies lived experience, transformation, professionalism and success that is now at your disposal in a package that is indeed priceless.

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